The key to quality medical care is access to family physicians

The New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation has been established to provide educational bursaries for New Brunswick medical students. The purpose of the scholarships are:

•To attract the very best medical students to study in New Brunswick.

•To retain the students as practicing physicians in New Brunswick following the completion of their studies.

•To commit New Brunswick residents studying outside of the province to return to practice medicine in New Brunswick.

•To ensure that our best students may be eligible for both renewable and non-renewable scholarships upon their commitment to return to New Brunswick.

The scholarships are open to New Brunswick residents accepted for studies at an accredited Medical School who are committed to establishing their medical practice in the province.

Directors of the Foundation

Chair, Dr. David Marr
Dr. Catherine Becker
Carol Chapman
Jason Downey
Nathalie Godbout
Dr. Allison Kennedy
Ruth Lyons
Dr. Robert MacKinnon
Dr. James O'Brien
Ron Outerbridge
Lyne St. Pierre-Ellis
John Wallace
Dr. Donald Craig, Past Chair
J. Michael Murphy, Executive Director

Advisors and Former Directors

Michael Doyle - Former Advisor
Dr. Gerald Maloney - Former Director