LYNDSAY ARMSTRONG KINGS COUNTY RECORD.. article appeared May 16, 2017 in Telegraph-Journal

After losing a number of doctors in the last couple years and working for more than a year to fill the vacancies, Hampton has announced a new doctor will be moving to town this summer.

Dr. Michael Bone will be the newest family doctor to serve Hampton.

The 30-year-old physician is finishing his residency at Saint John Regional Hospital and will begin working in Hampton in late August or early September.

Bone said he’s very excited to be starting his practice in Hampton. He will do so in partnership with Dr. Douglas Hall.

Bone said his positive experience working alongside Hall was a factor in choosing Hampton.

“I had the opportunity to do a three month community rotation with Dr. Hall in Hampton and 1 enjoyed my time there” said Bone. “To have that opportunity to work with an established family doctor who I know I get along with played a big part in the decision.”

The new practice for both doctors will be located at 361 William Bell Drive next to the Hampton Physiotherapy.

“It’s going to be setup to work how we both picture ourselves working for a long time” said Bone.

Bone is originally from St. Stephen.

He moved to Saint John for medical school. He and his wife Jillian Bone are currently living in the Rothesay area. Jillian works as a dietician at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Bone is no stranger to the town of Hampton.

“I’ve been to Hampton off and on most of my life, playing high school sports and things like that” he said.

Bone said he recognizes that there is a need for family doctors in that community. Over the last couple years death, retirement and relocation have contributed to the loss of longtime physicians in the town.

“It’s always a nice feeling to be needed, I’m just looking forward to the privilege of looking after the people of Hampton” said Bone.

Hampton town manager, Richard Malone, said in an email that Bone’s practice in Hampton will bring their total number of doctors to five.

“As a new graduate, we certainly hope that Dr. Bone will be serving the residents of Hampton for quite some time” Malone said.

Malone said in a town council meeting that this news is especially exciting to Hampton residents and council members after the news of Dr. Robert Fisher’s office closing in Hampton. Fisher will be moving his practice to Quispamsis, but Malone said he will likely keep his current Hampton-based patients given the nearness of his new location.

“Having a doctor is important for residents and certainly something that people look for when planning to raise a family or possibly retire in a community”, Malone said in the email.

“We’re very happy that Dr. Bone has chosen to come to Hampton, I’m quite sure that he’ll be well supported” said Hampton Mayor Ken Chorley.

Bone said he and his wife have already felt support from the community after meeting for dinner with Chorley, Malone, and Dr. Jim Collings.

“Mayor Chorley is a great ambassador for the town, we learned a lot about Hampton that night” he said.

Chorley said that Bone’s decision to join the Hampton community means a lot, especially to those in the area that are still without a family doctor.

Bone said his decision to work in Hampton is closely connected to the efforts of the town’s council and their health care committee for their, “continued efforts of recruiting family physicians to the area.”

“They’ve had a well established routine of recruiting physicians and 1 think it’s showing good results, they should be commended for that” he said.

Malone said doctors who have opened practices in Hampton in recent years have had no problem filling up, and that he expects the same will be true for Bone’s new practice.

There is a list of 47 Hampton residents who are without doctors at the Hampton Pharmasave, this list does not include the numerous individuals who have requested a family doctor through 811.

All individuals seeking family doctors must register first through the Horizon Health Network by calling 81l or through the online registry. After being registered through Horizon Health Network, people can add their name to a Town Hall list by calling 506-832-6065 or by calling the Hampton Pharmasave at 506-832-1509.

This list does not guarantee services from Bone, but will be utilized to assign patients.