Celebration of NBMEFI Medical Education scholarship recipients June 15, 2016

Over $280,000 was awarded to New Brunswick students entering accredited Medical Schools who agree to return to New Brunswick to practice medicine

The New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation Inc. celebrated its generous donors and medical education scholarship recipients June 15, 2016 at UNBSJ Grand Hall in Saint John, NB. The NBMEFI is a newly independent incorporated foundation which operates endowed private funds and donations from many national companies and private foundations. The purpose of these funds is in the support of medical students who agree to return to New Brunswick to assist in the access to healthcare for all New Brunswick citizens.

The scholarship recipients attend a variety of learning institutions including Laval University, Ottawa University, Université de Sherbrooke, Memorial University and Dalhousie University New Brunswick. The medical students represent many areas of the province both urban and rural.

An independent Grants Committee selects the recipients from an extraordinary group of applicants on behalf of the Board of the NBMEFI. The 37 individually named scholarships awarded on June 15, 2016 represent major corporate and individual contributors from the Business and Medical communities in New Brunswick, past and present.

Photography Credit: Julius Malco